Learning Together Journals

In order to further improve our homework systems and parental engagement within school, we have introduced our Learning Together Journals.

In addition to regular homework, which is usually English and Maths based, pupils are given a Project to complete with support from home, once every half-term. These Projects are then marked by the Class Teacher, in line with the School’s Marking Policy. For example, a Project may be to find out all that a pupil knows about The Tudors, or to simply design a Healthy Menu for a new restaurant.

Pupils are free to choose how to complete and present their Projects, for example, they may choose to write about the task, draw illustrations, cut out and stick information in, create a diagram, write a poem, or even add photographs or artefacts, the choice is theirs!

We would very much like parents/carers to work with their children on the completion of these Projects, however, we ask that parents/carers do not complete the tasks for them. Thank you.

The presentation of the Projects set in the Learning Together Journal is of paramount importance. ALL tasks must be completed to the highest standard, with neat handwriting, careful cutting, sticking and any illustrations or diagrams must be drawn neatly, using a ruler, where necessary. Team Points are awarded for a high level of presentation. Projects completed may also be celebrated in school’s weekly Celebration Assembly, which parent/carers are invited to.

Please find below, some examples of Projects that have been completed by pupils, parents and carers.

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