Meet Our Staff

At Whitgreave Primary School, everyone works together as a team to achieve the very best for each and every one of our pupils.


Class Teacher TAs
Y6 – Purple 2 Mrs Bond Mr Matthews
Y6 – Purple 1 Mr Jones
Teacher in Y6 – AM Mrs Parker
Teacher in Y6 – AM Miss Davies
Teacher in Y6/Y5 – AM Mrs Parkar
Y5 – Red 2 Miss Corns

Mrs Russell

Mrs Meredith

Y5 – Red 1 Mrs Barrett
Y4 – Green 2 Mr Williams/Mrs Hyett

Miss Hamilton

Miss White

Miss Palmer (1-1)

Y4 – Green 1 Miss Dimitrov
Y3 – Yellow 2 Mr Bell

Mrs Flynn/Mrs Taylor

Miss Oakley

Miss Rogers (2-1)

Y3 – Yellow 1 Miss Bunn
Y2 – Lilac 2 Mrs Dingley/Mrs Sadler

Mrs Sadler

Supply TA (1-1)

Y2 – Lilac 1 Miss Burgess
Y1 – Lime 2 Mrs Butters/Mrs Turner

Mrs Amos

Miss Phillips

Y1 – Lime 1 Miss Rotchelle
YR – Orange 2 Miss Lester

Mrs Gilbert

Miss Taylor

YR – Orange 1 Mrs Spink/Mrs Davis
3rd Teacher in YR Miss Winfield
YN – Rainbow Miss Green Mrs Foster


Non-Class Based Staff


Member of Staff Role
Mrs Redfern Head Teacher
Mr Albutt AHT/PE Teacher
Mrs Millington School Business Manager
Mrs Hooper Senior Office Administrator
Mrs Edwards Office Administrator
Ms Westwood Attendance Officer

Mrs Cox

Mrs Russell

Safeguarding Officers


Mrs Parkar Learning Mentor
Mr Edwards PE Teacher

Mr Edwards

Miss Mullett

Senior Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs Booth Lunchtime Supervisors
Mr Matthews
Mrs Gilbert
Miss Bromley
Mrs Meredith
Mrs Kelly
Miss Rogers
Miss Booth
Miss Bott
Mrs Johnson
Miss Rogers Walking Bus
Ms Booth
Mrs Johnson
Mr Matthews
Mr Guest Site Manager
Mr Singh Caretaker

Mrs Tunstall

Mrs Leason

Kitchen Supervisors/School Cooks
Ms Nash School Cook
Mrs Jones School Cook
Ms Williams School Cook
Mrs Pokaur School Cook
Ms Morgan Housekeeping
Miss Bateman Housekeeping
Mrs Sweet Housekeeping
Miss Moan Housekeeping
Mr Smith Head of IT Services
Mr Murphy IT Technician