Whitgreave Primary School has the safety and security benefit of CCTV cameras around the school site.

The CCTV cameras are a preventative measure and have been installed to help protect the school building and assets and would be used to support West Midlands Police, should an instance arise, in a bid to deter and detect crime.

At Whitgreave Primary School the safety and security of our pupils, parents, staff and visitors is of paramount importance and the CCTV cameras support the school in their quest to maintain a safe environment for all involved.

The school adheres to current legislation.

Reading Areas

In order to nurture a love of reading, a wide selection of books are accessible to the children from designated areas around school, within each classroom and also, from within the school’s new bespoke Library base.

Reading Areas are well-stocked and provide a selection of both fiction and non-fiction texts, along with reference materials.

The aim of the Reading Areas is to support the school curriculum through providing staff and children with appropriate resources and information. The Reading Areas also exist to foster a love of life-long learning outside of the confines of the curriculum and to promote and support reading for pleasure and breadth in children’s reading.

Forest Schools

“It is fun but it is learning, it is learning but it is outdoors”

The philosophy of Forest School is to encourage and inspire pupils of any age through positive outdoor experiences over a period of time.

  • Forest School sessions embrace the outdoors as an inspirational learning environment which focuses on the child’s learning needs rather than specific outcomes.
  • Forest School has a unique way of building confidence, self-esteem and promoting independence as the pupils learn new life skills through hands on learning experiences.
  • There is a development of a greater appreciation, understanding and awareness of the natural environment.
  • The group explore and experience the natural world on a regular basis.
  • There is an increase frequency of physical exercise, while working in a challenging environment that helps to develop motor skills.

“Forest School has helped me to become happier and calmer. It has been really helpful for improving my interaction with other people as we have to work as a team. I have learnt new responsibilities, and skills. I have learnt to have respect for animals, creatures and wildlife.” (Y6 Pupil)

“We went on a bug hunt and found creatures under the wood. We have to be careful when seeing fungi and not to pick it. We had a fire.” (Y4 Pupil)

Interactive Whiteboards and iPads

Interactive whiteboards are effectively used by all staff as a teaching and learning tool that has the potential to transform and enrich the learning environment and the learning experience for all our children.

In order to further support IT provision within school, the mobile laptop trolley allows our children access to online resources and supports learning in their own classroom, without the need to utilise the IT suite. All areas of the curriculum also benefit from the mobile laptop system and staff plan for its use within lessons. Whitgreave Primary School is also committed to allowing our children and staff the opportunity for using mobile devices (iPads) and aims to provide and use a wide range of ‘apps’ to support and enhance learning to improve motivation and engagement for all our learners. A   wall-mounted projector screen and sound system in our school hall is also utilised to provide engaging school assemblies.

PE Equipment

Whitgreave Primary School is well equipped to support the teaching and learning within the PE Curriculum. The school has a large field which is utilised to support the delivery of this curriculum area, during suitable weather conditions.

The School Hall, with sound and ICT facilities, is also effectively utilised to support the teaching and learning within Gymnastics and Dance. Within the School Hall, there is a storage facility whereby the appropriate Gymnastic apparatus is stored, which staff use to deliver engaging and active lessons.

The school boosts a wide range of games equipment, such as various ball types, tennis nets, badminton nets, target nets, rounder’s equipment, cricket bats, rackets, equipment to develop ABC skills, netball and basketball hoops and much, much more. All equipment is audited annually and all lost or damaged equipment is replaced.

A range of PE equipment is also utilised within a number of After-School Clubs, on a termly basis.

Early Years Outdoor Area

Here at Whitgreave we firmly believe that outdoor experiences are a vital part of every child’s learning and development. With this in mind we felt that our outdoor area was in need of some attention, in order to offer our children all of the opportunities they need to develop their skills.

We now have an amazing new outdoor area which has been carefully designed by the Early Years Team in conjunction with the playground equipment company Red Monkey Play. We are confident that the resources we have chosen will allow children to explore nature and environmental changes, participate in musical activities, drama and role play, to develop their gross motor skills through a range of equipment and much more besides. We now have greater access to the outdoor learning environment in all weathers and the exciting learning opportunities we offer inside can now be extended to the outdoor classroom.