It’s Good to be Green at Whitgreave – Our School Standards

Our school standards are very straightforward and are agreed annually by all of our children.

Children are expected to show respect to all members of our school community or visitors and treat our building and property with care. Consideration for others and good manners are encouraged and praised.

If a child disengages or behaves in an anti-social way, an appropriate sanction will be applied.  Should the behaviour problem become worrying or persistent, the school will inform parents who will be invited to come in and discuss the matter. School also has a full-time Learning Mentor, who is also able to support children who are having difficulties.



At Whitgreave, we believe in rewarding good behaviour and progress. We have lots of rewards, including a weekly Celebration Assembly, where we award certificates and prizes for good work, behaviour and attendance. In addition, we have raffle tickets, class reward points and target sheets.

All of our children and staff belong to a School Team.  Team Points are awarded by all staff within school, to anyone displaying good behaviour, work, attendance, friendship, manners etc.  Our children receive lots of rewards on a daily basis.

For further information, please refer to our Behaviour Policy in our Policies section.