School Uniform – Why is it important?

School uniform for pupils at Whitgreave is an important aspect of school life.

Our pupils are our greatest ambassadors and they, in turn, are very proud to be associated with Whitgreave Primary School and enjoy the sense of school identity, unity and pride that wearing their school uniform brings.

From a parent perspective, school uniform is cost effective, appropriate school wear is clearly identified and the pressure from children in deciding what to wear for school is reduced.

In addition, research has identified that school uniform reduces peer pressure, encourages pupil discipline, improves student attendance and children are less distracted in lessons as they are better able to concentrate.

Details of our uniform are below and we ask that you please support Whitgreave Primary School in our expectation that all pupils will wear full school uniform.

Our Uniform

Black/grey trousers (no jeans) Black/grey trousers (no jeans), skirt or pinafore, optional blue or red gingham summer dress
Navy blue Whitgreave sweatshirt/cardigan, with the school logo Navy blue Whitgreave sweatshirt/cardigan, with the school logo
Red polo shirt Red polo shirt
Black shoes (no trainers) Black shoes (no trainers)*
Black, grey or white socks Black, grey or white socks

Black, grey or white tights


White or navy blue plain t-shirt

Black shorts

Black pumps and/or trainers

Tracksuit top and bottoms for outdoor PE, in colder weather

Wellies (for Forest Schools)

We ask that you please label all items of uniform, including coats, so that any misplaced items can be returned to the rightful owner. Thank you.


If your child has pierced ears, we respectfully request that they wear stud earrings only.

Your child’s health and safety is of paramount importance to us, therefore, if your child does have pierced ears, earrings will need to be removed on the days they have P.E.

No other piercings are allowed within school for pupils, due to health and safety. Thank you.

Local Stockists

Kids Corner

11 Showell Circus

Low Hill


WV10 9BA

Telephone 01902 863222


In addition, general school uniform items, such as skirts, trousers, shirts etc, can also be purchased at local Supermarkets.